Three Accessories You Should Buy When You Buy Your Used Semi Truck And Why

When you buy a brand-new semi truck, you know you will not have to do much maintenance for a few weeks to a few months. However, when you buy a used semi truck, maintenance is almost an immediate thing because the truck already has several thousands of miles on it. In addition to maintenance needs, there may be a few other things you will want to tweak on your newly acquired truck. Here are three accessories you should buy at the same time you buy the truck and why you should buy these accessories.

Tune-Up Kit

When you drive a semi, your truck may need regular tune-ups, especially if you are on the road a lot and cannot stop at a heavy truck repair shop along the way. Buying a tune-up kit for your semi allows you to make the necessary tune-ups on your truck, per the manufacturer's recommendations for a used semi past "x" number of miles. This is also an accessory you can easily store within the cab of the truck so you have it at the ready when you need it.

Tire Inflation/12-Volt Air Compressor

Tire pressure on semi trucks is absolutely vital to their operation because the weight of the trucks can quickly decompress tires and make tires leak that much faster. A small little machine that plugs into your cigarette lighter in the cab of your truck can make sure that all of your semi's tires are fully and properly inflated. Look for 12-volt air compressors made especially for semi and heavy duty truck tire inflation. Not only will this device save your truck's tires form accidental blow-outs, but it will also prevent you from having to plug coins or dollars into the tire inflation station that is available at most truck stops.

Comfort Seat

Almost no amount of upholstery and padding in the seats in your truck can make up for the constant sitting, bumping, and jostling your buttocks take when you are on a long drive. These extra seat cushions remove some of the jostling and bumping your buttocks and lower back take, while also providing you with a more comfortable ride. (If you have never owned or operated your own semi before, you will definitely want to get some sort of cushiony support for your back and derriere before you begin driving your truck regularly.) Considering the minimal cost to you for comfort and support, this may be one of the many accessories that you find you cannot do without in your semi truck.

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