4 Things To Know About The Cost Of Towing Your Car

As a driver, it's important to be prepared for any costs that may come with an emergency situation. For example, if you need to be towed, the price you have to pay is inevitable unless you plan on ditching your car completely, which definitely isn't realistic. To prepare for the cost of emergency towing, here are four things you should know about the fees associated with vehicle towing services:

  1. Towing to a Repair Shop or Residence: If your car has broken down on the side of the road or you have been involved in an accident and cannot drive your vehicle safely to your preferred destination, then you are going to need a tow truck. The cost to tow your vehicle to a repair shop or residence will depend on how many miles the tow truck will have to travel. You will also have to pay a hook-up fee, which can be anywhere from $20 to $75. The best way to keep these costs low is to find a service with a low hook-up fee and tow your car to the nearest repair shop. 
  2. Towing a Truck:  If you are driving a truck or a large, heavy-duty vehicle, the cost of towing is going to be more. You will have to pay a hook-up fee, which is typically more than what is charged for a standard vehicle and it can vary based on the number of miles that the tow truck will have to travel. The cost per mile is going to be higher, as well.
  3. Getting a Car Unstuck: If your car is stuck in mud, snow, or even in water, you are going to have to pay a fee for the time that the tow truck driver has to spend getting your vehicle unstuck. This fee is usually charged per hour. Hopefully, your car is driveable once it is unstuck. However, if you do need it towed for repairs, you will still have to pay the hook-up fee and the fee for the number of miles traveled on top of the hourly rate for removing the vehicle from its stuck position.
  4. Insurance Copays: Always be sure to check with your auto insurance company to determine whether or not you are covered for tow services. You may not be covered fully, so it's important to know what you will be paying even with your coverage. For example, some insurance companies will only cover a certain number of miles before you have to start paying out of pocket for it. 

When you know these four things about the cost of towing your vehicle, you can be sure that you are prepared for the situation should it ever arise.