Get Locked Out Of Your Car In A Tow Away Zone? Why You Need A Locksmith Right Away

If you are parked in an area where it says vehicles will be towed after a specific amount of time, or at a certain time, and you're locked out, you need to call a locksmith quickly. If you aren't sure if the keys are actually inside the car, or if you lost them somewhere publicly, you have to react fast. You don't want to leave the vehicle to be towed or ticketed. The locksmith can get to the vehicle and look at the model and make to determine if they can make a key quickly, or to see if they can get inside the vehicle. Here are a few advantages of calling a locksmith.

Avoid Towing Fees

When a vehicle is towed, it's often done so at the expense of the owner, and after-hours fees can be higher than a regular tow. Not only will you have to pay for the tow, but then you have to pay for the amount of days that the vehicle is in the impound lot while you have another key made. You can avoid all of these costs by hiring a locksmith to make an extra key, or to get into the car to look for the lost keys.

Get a Spare Key

Whether you get the vehicle towed or not, you're going to need a spare key if the keys aren't inside. Even if they are inside, you'll want a spare key anyways. The locksmith is going to get you the spare so you can drive the vehicle away from the tow away zone safely, and so you don't have to worry about locating the keys right away.

Get Immediate Service

If you get locked out after regular business hours or on a day when the auto dealership near you isn't open, then you aren't going to get a spare key in a timely fashion. With a locksmith you'll get the attention that you want right away, and the locksmith is going to work around your schedule.

You may have to pay emergency rates if you're calling the locksmith outside of their regular working hours, but it's worth it to take your car home and to avoid getting it towed. Call your auto insurance and credit card provider to see if a locksmith is included with your service for either, or free towing to have it moved from the current problematic spot. Companies like Mark's Towing, Inc. may be able to help.