Repairing The Hydraulic Jack In Your Machine Shop: Three Parts Or Tools You Will Need

A hydraulic jack in your machine shop is vital to daily operations. If you cannot elevate the cars you are working on, you may not be able to see the problem areas clearly. A floor jack may help, but only temporarily, and it is not as safe as the hydraulic jack. If you want to take on the hydraulic repairs yourself, the following tools or parts will help you complete the job.

New Hydraulic Cylinder

A beaten or damaged hydraulic cylinder does not slide as easily back into its metal sheath. In the case of your hydraulic jack, a replacement cylinder may be any length and/or width, so you will need to match the girth and length of your current cylinder to the replacement cylinder. Do not forget to order enough cylinder grease or lubrication oil for the cylinder so that it glides in and out of the metal sheath easily.

End Pins (If Needed)

Some hydraulic cylinders come with their own end pins, while others do not. If you take apart your hydraulic jack and the end pin (a pin with an open-ended circle on top which you should be able to fit at least one finger through) is securely fastened in the end of the cylinder, then you will need to buy the type of cylinder that already has its own pin. If you can unscrew and remove the pin, or if the pin pulls loose with a pivoting and/or twisting action, you may have a cylinder that requires its own end pin. If you are not sure, check with the manufacturer of the hydraulic jack to confirm which of these two situations you are faced with.

Ratchet Set

There may be a few bolts or hex nuts you will have to loosen in order to replace your hydraulic components on your jack. For this reason, have a ratchet set from your shop ready to make the repairs. If it is not in use, you may even want to use your power ratchet in the shop (if it can reach that far or transfer to another pressure tank).


You will also need some screwdrivers, since there will be some screws (typically, Phillips screws) that will need to be removed during part of the repair process. A couple of the most common/ standard-sized screwdrivers should suffice. If you choose to buy a basic hydraulic repair kit for your jack, it may also list exactly what size screwdrivers and/or ratchet heads you will need for the repairs.

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