3 Maintenance Tips That Will Help You Protect Your Transmission

One of the pricier parts on your vehicle to replace is the transmission; however, you can avoid having to replace your transmission by taking good care of it from the start.

Learn Your Vehicle's Transmission Service Intervals

All vehicles need to have their vehicle's transmission serviced at particular intervals. You can find out what the intervals are by checking your owner's manual or by calling up a local dealership or mechanic and inquiring. These intervals on based on a specific number of miles, such as every 30,000 miles or every 50,000 miles. Transmission service intervals vary from vehicle to vehicle, which is why it is best to verify what your vehicle's particular intervals are.

When you hit these intervals, you need to take your vehicle in for a transmission tune-up. Generally, your mechanic should check the oil pan for your transmission to see if any metal shavings are present. If they are present, then further steps beyond a typical inspection will be necessary for your transmission. If they are not present, than your mechanic will continue with their inspection and replace the filter and pan gasket, and put fresh fluid into your transmission.

Always Keep An Eye On The Transmission Fluid

In between service intervals, you should keep an eye on your transmission fluid levels. You should be able to easily check on the levels by locating your transmission fluid reservoir under the hood of your vehicle and seeing if the fluid is between the maximum and minimum level markers.

If the fluid is below the minimum level marker, you will need to purchase and add fluid to the reservoir. Your local auto parts store should be able to look up and provide you with the right type of fluid for your vehicle. Once you have the fluid, you just need a funnel to pour it into the reservoir. Keep an eye on the fill lines as you pour it in and stop pouring when you get right around the maximum fill line.

Keep Your Transmission Cool

One of the most common reasons for a transmission needing expensive repairs is that it was not properly maintained or it became too hot. You can help reduce the chance that your transmission will overheat further by having a mechanic install an external transmission oil cooler on your vehicle. This will help ensure that the oil in your transmission is cool, and thus your transmission stays cool. This is a particularly good strategy to employ if you live somewhere that has warmer weather year-round or particularly hot summers. 

Contact a local Toyota service or other car service to learn more about auto maintenance.