Own A Diesel? 3 Ways To Boost Vehicle Mileage

Diesel engines are more efficient and reliable than gasoline engines. The diesel engine converts more of the fuel it is given into energy. The diesel engine also doesn't need a high voltage ignition system. This means it isn't going to fail to start because a spark doesn't go off. The diesel engine has stronger parts than the parts in a gasoline engine and produces less carbon monoxide.

A diesel engine produces heat by compression air in the cylinder. This is used to ignite the fuel. The fuel is burned inside of the main part of the engine. In a gasoline engine, the fuel and air are pushed into smaller metal cylinders. They're compressed and then a spark plug lights it up. The diesel does it all in one cylinder and compresses the air to ignite the fuel without a spark plug.

Now that you better understand how your diesel engine works, it is normal to want to know how you can boost the gas mileage. Here are three easy ways to do just that.

1. Turn Off Your AC and Keep Up Tire Pressure

If you can turn your AC off and stand it, then you will find your engine will reserve more power so you can get more mileage out of it. You want to check your tire pressure often to make sure your car isn't working too hard. You use extra oil when your tire pressure is too low.

2. Drive Slower and Have Patience

Drive slower; you use a lot more fuel when you drive too fast. You don't always have to be a speed demon. When you first start your car up, let it run for a little bit to warm up. That way, you're not pushing it hard before it's had a chance to really get going.

3. A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way

You should get your engine inspected routinely to make sure everything is running properly. If something needs to be fixed, driving with a problem can decrease the life of your diesel and cost you in expensive repairs. Don't work on the engine when it is running and take your time if you are doing any maintenance to your car. Change the oil regularly and monitor the fluids to make sure you don't let any of them run out.

Turning off your AC, keeping tabs on the tire pressure, and driving slower is really all you need to do to give your gas mileage a little boost. Contact a company like Bethel Automotive for more information.