Oil Additives: Which One(s) Should You Use?

As you are walking through the aisle looking for motor oil for your vehicle, you are going to see oil additives too. This may make you wonder if your car needs to have any additives, and if so, which you should use. To help with your thought process, here is a bit of information about a few of the types of oil additives available.

Stop Leaks

The engine of a car has a number of seals and gaskets. Over time, they tend to dry out, rot, crack, and cause fluid leaks. Oil additives designed to stop leaks will not stop the leaks around old, warn or damaged gaskets and seals. However, if you use this additive before you notice any problems, it will help prevent the gaskets and seals from drying out and cracking, thereby stopping leaks before they occur. For this reason, it is a good idea to use this type of additive when you have an oil change.

Increase Performance

There are also oil additives designed to increase the gas mileage and/or horsepower of a vehicle. However, it should be noted that they will not make a vehicle better than what it was when it was new. Over time, sludge and debris will build up in the engine. As this builds up, your vehicle will require more gas and probably won't have the horsepower it did when you first bought it. Its overall performance will deteriorate. There are additives that will clean the sludge and debris out of the engine. When the engine is clean it will be able to run at its top performance again. If your car is not running the way it did when you bought it, try using an oil additive to clean the engine.

Prevent Wear on Parts

As the different parts of the engine move, there is friction between the parts that can cause them to wear down. This is one of the reasons it is important to use the proper weight motor oil. However, as the outside temperature changes with the seasons, the proper weight of the motor oil changes too. If you do not have the proper weight, it will not lubricate the parts the way they need to be, and there will be excessive wear. When you use an oil additive created to leave a film of lubrication on the engine parts no matter what the oil weight, you reduce the added wear and save the engine parts.

Many motor oils come with some additives already in them. However, as the oil burns and becomes dirty, the efficiency of the additives goes down. Putting in more additives is not going to hurt the vehicle, but they may make it run better and last longer. For more information on oil additives, contact a company like In Motion Wholesale Distributor and Sales.