Important Matters To Tend To While Your Car Is Being Towed

When your vehicle suffers an unfortunate circumstance on the road, such as an accident, breakdown or flat tire, you'll be relieved when the tow truck pulls up in front of you. After some brief conversation with the tow truck driver, he or she will begin the process of hooking up your vehicle so that it can be taken to your desired location — the towing service lot, a garage or even your own driveway. If you're going through this process for the first time, it's easy to be captivated with the scene in front of you — but it's important to get busy instead of gawking. Here are some useful tasks to perform while your vehicle is being prepared to be towed.

Gather Any Personal Items You Need

Your mind might be frazzled as a result of your accident or breakdown, but it's important to try to think clearly about what personal items you'll need to retrieve from the vehicle. In certain situations, it might be a while before you see the vehicle again, and while you can always schedule a visit to the towing service lot or garage to retrieve something you need, it's easier to do it now. Any personal effects such as your wallet, sunglasses, insurance information, GPS and other such items should all be retrieved. Things such as a child's seat, for example, are also typically good to take with you, as you'll need them for your rental vehicle.

Call Someone For A Ride

The last thing you want to experience is seeing your car hooked up and ready to go — and then realize you haven't called someone for a ride. While your tow truck driver can take you to the garage or towing lot, he or she isn't your personal chauffeur and you shouldn't count on asking for a ride home after the car is dropped off. Use this time to arrange a ride from someone, who can either meet you near where you currently are or from where the tow truck will drop you off.

Figure Out Your Next Steps

Try to think as clearly as possible about the situation and what your next steps are, and then use the time in which you're waiting to be towed to get some things accomplished. For example, if you were in an accident, call your insurance provider to provide notification and possibly even begin the claim process. If you experienced a breakdown and will be without your vehicle, call a local rental car company and schedule a pickup. Instead of standing and watching the tow truck driver work, you can make progress on these tasks and other similar tasks.

Contact a local towing company, like Parkway Wrecker Service or a similar location, to learn more about what you should expect if your car needs to be towed.