5 BIG Questions To Ask An Auto Body Technician Before Repairs

After an automobile accident, getting your car repaired is no doubt going to be at the top of your list of priorities. However, you have to make sure that you don't let your haste to get your car fixed get in the way of your making an educated decision when it comes to choosing the best auto body repair shop for the job. There are five big questions you should always ask at the auto body repair shop when you take your vehicle in for an estimate after a collision.

1. Does the repair shop offer a warranty with their services? - Not all but most auto body shops do offer some type of warranty for their services. This warranty will cover the new repairs made if something happens a few weeks down the road and you are unhappy with the end result. Make sure you ask about warranties and satisfaction guarantees before you decide on a specific place to handle your car's repairs.

2. Will your car be insured while it is in their possession? - You need to know that in case of a fire, theft, or other damage, your vehicle will be protected while it is in the possession of the auto collision repair shop. Your car could potentially be on the premises for a few weeks, in which time a lot of things could happen.

3. How does the repair shop handle payments for services? - Will the auto repair shop accept a down payment for services with the rest due at time of pickup? Will they want the entirety of the charge up front? Do they only accept direct payments from your insurance company? All of this is stuff you should know from a shop before you designate them to repair your vehicle.

4. Are there rental cars available at the shop? - As a convenience service, many auto body shops have rental cars available right at their property. Some even work hand-in-hand with local car rental companies to make sure their patrons have access to a vehicle when they drop off their own for repairs.

5. How does the collision expert charge for their services? - Every auto body technician and shop charges in their own way for repairs. Some charge strictly by the hour with parts as an additional charge. Others may charge for services by the job, with a set rate for each specific task. It is helpful to know how you will be charged so you don't run into unexpected costs for the repairs you need for your vehicle. Click here to read more.